"I inspire you to hang out in malls? That's interesting."
- Sufjan Stevens, 2009

IMG 0655

This is the Fifty Malls map on my studio wall.

Fifty Malls is an ongoing project to record fifty albums about fifty Sydney shopping centres. As of July 2013, eight have been released.

Albums in the series to dateEdit

Planned future releasesEdit

Feel free to add your own ideas and suggestions.

  • Chatswood Westfield
  • Gladesville Shopping Village
  • West Ryde Marketplace'
  • It Happened at the Raindrop Fountain (Roselands)
  • Broadway
  • Rhodes
  • Liverpool Westfields
  • Bass Hill Plaza
  • Chester Square
  • Southgate Sylvania
  • Parramatta Westfield 

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